Formation Eclipses

Formation eclipses as per Indian Cosmology
The Occurrence of the eclipses is also at variance with the Western Concept


The Occurrence of the eclipses is also at variance with the Western Concept. 
The modern astronomers explain that the movement of the Earth between the Sun
and Moon, between Earth and the Sun in the same plane in a straight line with
that of the nodes result in solar and lunar eclipses (if the three planets i.e.,
the sun, moon and the earth happen to be in a same plane and in a straight line
once in a fort-night we should be witnessing either a lunar or a solar eclipse
as the case may be from atleast any one point on earth on every full moon and
new moon days. When such is the case the premises of the Hindu astronomy that
the planets are moving in the same plane and level gains credibility on which
principle the present cosmograph is arrived).

As the earth in a stationary point the cause of the eclipse formation is taken
to be due to Rahu and Kethu as the case may be which are believed to be formed
permanently due to the penetrated rays of the stars through the Saturn and Mars.
Thus formed coloured spots at 180°
Straight line to each other these forms on their static pathway in between the
Earth and the Moon at a distance of 20,000 yojanas from the earth and moving in
opposite directions with same speed of motion. It can be imaginated that the
opposite direction movements of Rahu and Kethu are due to the North-South and
South-North movements of their parent planets. The equal speed of the shaded
planets is also due to the movement of Saturn and Mars in their orbits. As per
the astrological and astronomical theories the colour of the Rahu is
bluish-black due to rays  of the stars penetrated through blackish Saturn and
the colour of the Kethu is Reddish due to Mars which is in red colour. Thus
formed coloured spots of the Rahu and Kethu which are always facing each other
at 180° and moving in opposite
directions with reference to the other planets which obscure the line of vision
to the sun or moon from the earth which confirms the solar and lunar eclipses on
full moon and new moon days only.  According to this the possibility of
occurrences of eclipses due to the colour spots of Rahu and Kethu normally not
exceeding four times in a year and once in a eighteen months not exceeding six
times due to the transit position of Rahu and Kethu.

However the formation of eclipses are due to the position of the planets the
Sun, Moon, Rahu and Kethu and the line of vision from the Earth must lie in a
straight line. The same can be visible from the earth through the particular
Longitude – Latitudinal portions of the Earth which coincide to the above line
of the planets. Thus the eclipses are occurring due to the North-South and
South-North movements of the planets which are due to the interaction forces
released by the fixed stellar constellation in the cosmos.

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