THE AUTHOR OF THE INDIAN-COSMOGRAPH-A DISCOVERY SHRI.R.SWAMINATHAN, who was born for his parents SHRI.A.RAMACHANDRA IYER and SHRIMATHI.R.AHILANDAM on 20th August, 1953 at THIRUPPANANDAL in KUMBAKONAM TALUK, at THANJAVUR DISTRICT, TAMIL NADU, INDIA. He had his School education at Thiruppanandal, and got his Diploma in Civil Engineering, through the SRINIVASA SUBBARAYA POLYTECHNIC, SIRKAZHI, DURING 1975. In searching of a suitable position he went to Chennai.

During 1977, he got a position to serve as an Archaeological Conservation Junior Engineer in the Tamil Nadu State Department of Archaeology and continuing in the same service. The Departmental activities made him to initiate a research on how to fix the time of an event that took place in addition to the available methods. The author is in the impression that the Ancient Indians System of day- to-day life is followed by the Indians even to-day.He noticed that the reason for every action that is followed by the Indians of to-day that could not be explained based upon the Ancient Indians Theories. Though that all Indians knows according to their ancestor theories that the eclipses that are formed in the cosmos from time-to-time are due to the obstruction of the shaded Planets known as Rahu and Kethu. The Indians for the past few centuries were not able to produce the movement of the planets with reference to the fixed 27 stellar constellations in the cosmos and kept quite against the Helios system of Astronomical theories which are contradicted to their Ancient Indians theories. Considering the above, the author tried to evolve the fixed and the integrated form of the 27 stellar which forms the Oneness Universe based upon the Ancient Indians Astronomical theories.

After evolving the Cosmograph, the author showed the manuscript to his Head of the Department for his opinion, Dr.R.Kannan,Ph.D.,I.A.S., Agricultural Production Commissioner&Secretary to Government, Agricultural Department,Commissioner of Museums, Government Museum, Chennai-600 008 wrote in his forward” Thiru.R.Swaminathan has not really wasted his time. Like the Rishis of old, he has speculated on the planets and stars and discovered some ancient truths based on his knowledge of Surya Siddanta and traditional Tamil almanacs. I stumbled upon this, when during the course of my inspection, he suddenly showed me the manuscript for my opinion. This was because of my book on ” Holistic Approach to dating in ancient History especially Indian History” published in 2000 AD by the Government Museum, Chennai. In that book, I have used astronomy and astrology to date events, which cannot be dated with certainty otherwise due to lack of material evidence.
Thiru.R.Swaminathan’s theory on the positions of the Stellar constellations and the movements of the planets in the Solar system contradict modern astronomical theories. But that should not induce us to blindly reject it as incorrect. Dogma is the enemy of Truth. After all, only four centuries ago, the Europeans believed that the earth was flat. Galileo was killed for stating otherwise due to blind belief in currently held dogma. This was the work of religious fanatics but Europe had a Renaissance and the modern scientific temper and spirit of independent inquiry was born.
In the 19th and early 20th centuries, it was fashionable to criticize all ancient Indian beliefs. Now, even cow dung, the much derided object of that period, has been found many virtues and is used in agriculture as Panchagavya, a growth rejuvenator and biocide.

Therefore, I will not be surprised if at some time in the future some aspects of the new theory propounded by thiru.R.Swaminathan become standard reference. ”

The author hopes that the International Astronomical and other related Scholars would appreciate the Ancient Indians Geo-centric Oneness Universal theories which are found to be within the natural laws of Physics.


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