The Indian Panchang.

Most of us, when we heard the word PANCHANG atonce we may recogonise it, as an Astrological guide.
But the detailed study of our panchang reveals that it is a treasure trove of Astronomical datas. The Panchang is derived by the ancient Indians after inventing the fixed positions and the integrated form of the 27 stellar groups around the Earth,In the Stellar groups covered Cosmos, they found that the Earth is positioned with self rotating movement at the center of theCosmos and the other Planets such as Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and the Saturn are positioned one over the above in different layers and which are eccnetrically positioned, have their movements parallel to the stellar energy-pathway which looks like the LOTUS FLOWER PETALS IN THIER POSITIONS WITH 8 KINDS OF MOTIONS such as 1.Retrograde, 2.Some-what retrograde 3.Traverse, 4.Slow, 5.Very Slow,6.Even,7.Swift and 8.Veryswift with Arohana (upward) and Avarohana (downward) directions to the Earth’s equator. The Panchang provides the movements of the planets in the Cosmos with reference to the Fixed stellar groups around the Earth for 60 years. From the Panchang, we can see the forecast of the formations of the eclipses and also the climatic changes.

As there is no diagramattic support to the Indian panchang, Its details are not accepted ,because,there is no graphical representation and were arrived by mere assumptions and illusions. Now, using the panchang informations, the fixed and the integrated form of the 27 stellar groups around the Earth’s ploe-line and its equator have been graphically represented through which everyone can understand that the 8 kinds of movements of the planets are possible and the formation of the shadow planets like rahu,kethu,kuligan are possible and cause the formations of eclipses.

I appeal to all that the Indian panchang shoud be included in the indian education system at all levels so that the future generation may get the sufficient knowledge in the subject to have more research activities.

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