Generally, the Graphs are used to see the results of any research which has a bulk pages of theories at a glance. The COSMOGRAPH is also a graph showing the positions of the NAKSHTRAS (or)STELLAR GROUPS, the positions of the PLANETS and their MOVEMENT IN THEIR PATH-WAY IN THE COSMOS.

Now, there are available number of Cosmographs but the two of them are considered as important than the others because of they have been arrived from the GEO-CENTRIC and the Sun based HELIOS CENTRIC COSMIC PRINCIPLES.

It is found that the two systems are in lack of providing detailed informations about the positions of the NAKSHTRAS GROUPS (or) STELLAR positions in the cosmos with reference to the Earth Or the Sun as per their principles respectively.

During the last few centuries back the Geo-centric cosmic system of cosmological theories had been neglected on the basis that the principles had been derived as they have no scientific approach and have been raised on myths. But the the Geo-centrist who practiced the Geo-geocentric system were also in vague knowledge and could not provided the proper explanations for their principles about the movement of the planets based upon the Fixed Nakshtras (or) Stellar positions in the cosmos and the 8 kinds of motions of the planets in the cosmos. Further, they were not able to explain the formations of eclipses due to the interference of the shade planets casts in the cosmos through the planets like Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars by the penetrated rays of the Nakshtras(stellar) in the cosmos and the FIXED AND THE INTEGRATED FORM OF THE 27 NAKSHTRA GROUPS (stellar) with reference to the Earth in the cosmos.

This made the other Astronomers of the World like Galileo to think otherwise and rejected the Geo-centrist claims on the formations of the eclipses in the cosmos due to the interference of the shade planets and the 8 kinds of motions of the Planets in the Cosmos especially the RETROGRADE MOTIONS OF THE PLANETS WITH REFERENCE TO THE MOVEMENTS OF THE PLANETS ON THE BASIS OF THE NAKSHATRAS AS THE FIXED AND THE INTEGRATED FORM OF THE 27 GROUPS WITH REFERENCE TO THE EARTH WHICH HAD NOT BEEN PROVIDED and had a conclusion that the geo-centralism which would have been arrived only on myths.

Hence, it is hoped that the then Astronomers like Aristotle, Galileo, Copernicus,Kant and Kepler derived the Sun centered Helios system of cosmic theories, assuming the Sun at the center and all the planets have their movements around the Sun in an elliptical orbits by ignoring the positions of the Nakshtras(Stellar) in the Cosmos.

The entry of the Europeans, in India by the Christian missionaries during 16th century brought many inquiries over the crystal clear application of an indigenous knowledge system. As skeptical they were making some efforts to understand the local tradition after a good experience resulted to go for the translation of the Indian Texts.Such an attempt of translation by Ebenezer Burgess falls on the Indian Astronomical Treatise Surya Siddhantha.

Ebenezer Burgess had left a numerous notes in his translation of the Surya siddhantha in which he wrote , ” The modern investigators of the same subject, as Johnes and Cole brooke, also complain of the impossibility of obtaining form the native Astronomers of India satisfactory identifications of the aster-isms and junction of stars. The translator, in like manner, spent much time and effort in the attempt to derive such information from his native assistant, but was able to arrive at no results which could constitute, any valuable addition to those Cole-brooke. It is evident that for centuries past, as at present, the native tradition has been of no decisive authority as regards the position and composition of the groups of stars constitutive the asterisms; there must be determined upon the evidence of more ancient data down the astronomical treatises. Much yet remains to be done, before the History and use of the system of asterisms, as a part of the ancient Hindu Astronomy and Astrology shall be fully understood. There is in existence an abundant literature, ancient and modern , upon the subject, which will doubtless at sometimes provoke laborious investigation, and repay it with interesting results. We have already allotted to the Nakshtras more space than to some may seen advisable; our excuse must be the interest of the History of the system, as part of the ancient history of the rise and spread of Astronomical Science; the importance attaching to the research of M.Biot, the inadequate hither to paid them, and the recent renewal of their discussion in the Journals des savants; and finally and especially, the fact that in and with the asterisms is bound up the whole history of Hindu astronomy, prior to its transformation under the overpowering influence of Western Science”.

The above notes of the translator Ebenezer Burgess inspired me much and I went in search of all the informations about the Nakshtras, the HINDU ASTRONOMICAL PRINCIPALS. the Indian Calendar system, through the studies of the Indian Astronomical Text the Surya siddhantha,the Almanac of the Indians which are designed for a cycle of 60 years from time-to-time, the formations of eclipses in the Cosmos at the intervals of 6 months duration, the astrological theories related to the Astronomical facts, and have noticed the color variations appeared in the eclipsed planet at the time of the eclipse occurred in the cosmos from time to time and the theories related to the Helios system of astronomical theories from which I have evolved the fixed and the integrated form of the 27 Nakshtras(stellar groups) with reference to the Indian theories of Cosmology. It is found that the Surya siddhantha provide valuable informations about the cosmos and the detailed measurements about the circumferences of the integrated form of the Nakshtras around the cosmos, the detailed path-ways of the planets in the Cosmos with reference to the Fixed stellar, the order of the planets in the cosmic sphere which are made out of the integrated form of the Nakshatra groups, and explains the shape of the Cosmos. The Indian Almanac provides the detailed informations about the formations of the 27 Nakshtras in Ascending and descending order with reference to the Earths Equator and its pole line. The Indian calender system explains the movement of the Sun with reference to the Fixed Nakshtras in the Northern and in the Southern heme-sphere of the Cosmos with reference to the Earth which is positioned at the center of the Cosmos.

In the earlier system of the Indian cosmology which have derived on the geo-centric basis the formations of the Fixed stars in the Cosmos with reference to the Earth with the available theories it may not possible for the then Indians to evolve the Cosmograph and the theories based on the 8 kinds of movements of the planets with reference to the Fixed and the integrated form of the 27 stars in the cosmos and assumed that the planets are having the movement in the Cosmos in a regular circular orbits and further it is visualized that the then other astronomers of the World used the same in which they could not prove the formations of eclipses and the formations of the shades due to the penetrated rays of the stars behind the moving planets such as Saturn,Jupiter and Mars and their anti-clock movements in the Space which made the then other Astronomers to think they were derived on mere myths and not on Scientific values.

During the critical studies of the Two-systems it is found that in both system the integrated form of the stars have not been taken into account. While taking into account the Fixed form of the 27 Nakshtras which forms the Cosmos, it is found that the Geo-centric system is also arrived on the Scientific values.

For more pictures and details of the Cosmograph kindly log on http://sites.googlesite/site/geocentriccosmos (or) http://www.swamycosmology.wordpress.com

The main aim of the post is not mere criticizing the other principle or to defame or to have a blind support over the neglected one and only to analyse the facts on the scientific value for the general welfare of all the Human benefits on the planet Earth!

I request the readers to lodge their free minded opinion and suggestions and arguments if any to the author of this post.



  1. James said,

    November 16, 2010 at 8:24 pm

    Hmm, I recommend you look into the Hubble telescope, red-shifts, etc. People have progressed way beyond this. You shouldn’t be stuck researching dead-ends.

  2. V.P.Bhatia said,

    February 19, 2011 at 7:39 am

    Very Good.Keep it up.

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