Formation of Eclipses and the Oneness Universe

The Ancient Indians invented the Oneness Universe. The Oneness Universe is made out of the Fixed and the integrated form of the 27 Stellar constellations which are spread around the Earth with reference to its equator which is also known as Cosmic Equator in ascending and descending order and forms the Oneness Egg-shaped Universe.They found out that the other Planets such as Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, Venus, Mercury and the Moon are positioned the space in between the Stellar constellations and the Earth and where the Earth is positioned at the center of the cosmos. They calculated the movements of the Planets with reference to the Fixed Stellar constellation force line which also known as the sidereal periods of the planets. It is noticed that the Stella rs force line in the cosmos either in a regular circle or in a regular elliptical but in a petal-line orbits. This petal-line formation causes the zig-zag movements of the planets with reference to the Earth.
Formations of Eclipses: The Ancient Indians derived that the Eclipses are formed in the Cosmos at an interval of six months by the interventions of the color shades which is also otherwise known as Rahu and Kethu before the Sun and Moon. If the Solar Eclipse forms in the Eastern heme-sphere of the cosmos then the following Lunar Eclipse will be formed in the Western heme-sphere of the cosmos.
Conditions for the full and partial Eclipses:

The line of collimation from the observer and to the position of Rahu or Kethu and the Sun or Moon falls in a Straight Line then the Eclipse formed will be a total-one and if there any deviation in angle of vision will cause for a partial or no eclipse.
The shade Planets Rahu and Kethu are formed in the cosmos between the Moon and the Earth due to the penetrated Stellar rays through the Saturn and Mars respectively and have their movements in the opposite direction against their parent planets due to their petal-line movements in the Cosmos. Further the Ancient Indians clarified when the Sun or Moon is obscured by black colored rahu then the eclipsed planet will be seen BLACK IN COLOR. IF IT IS BY KETHU THEN THE PLANETS WILL BE SEEN RED IN COLOR
This can be clarified even to-day when the eclipses are formed in the Cosmos.

A Partial Solar Eclipse will be formed on 22.07.2009 between 5.26 and 7.12 A.M as per Indian Standard Time.
this will be occurring in the Eastern heme-sphere of the cosmos due to Kethu and hence the Sun will be seen RED in Color.


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